5 Console Games That Will Turn Your Life Upside Down

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

The life of a gamer is fun. There is no denying. However, console games that come to us this year are astounding. If you have ever had the problem to pick the right one, now it is only worse. With such huge selection of amazing consoles to choose from, we are nothing less but thorn among all these amazing games. Here is which ones you need to pay attention to this year and get them now!

Injustice 2

Single player fans, do brace yourselves for one of the best consoles that you have ever seen! This game will not only appeal to those who are true comic fans, but also anyone with a knack for movies and games. This game gives you everything you have ever hoped for in a console game, and it is a worthy successor to Injustice 1. We get so much from this game that it is unbelievable how affordable the price is! Amazing!


Are you a fan of mayham games with a lot of shooting? This one is for you then! The amazing Overwatch gives us a chaos to enjoy a good shoot out. It is amazing in its graphics, very innovative and relaxing, but most of all quite affordable as well.

The Last Guardian

Absolute masterpiece! If you have been looking for a game which is flawless, then this is it! This game brings the innovation, amazing graphics, but most of all novelty to console players. There has never been a game that will adore and hate at the same time. Give it a try; you will see what we mean!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Brace yourselves Mass Effect fans; this amazing console game is packed with some amazing stuff.  First of all, the graphics are perfect, the story is amazing, and the action is incredible! Make sure you get it now, so you too can enjoy it.

Tekken 7

If you are looking for a familiar game which is perfect this one is the one for you. Tekken is as fun as it has ever been with some twists that fans will enjoy.

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