Reason to try online casinos


What is all the online casinos hype about? Well, here I’ll quickly give you few awesome reasons why you should definitely try some of them. I even have some recommendations for you at the end, if you want to start immediately. Here we go then:



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5 great reasons why you must give Online Casinos a try. 1

1)    Available and accessible whenever, wherever 1

2)    Huge variety of games in one place. 2

3)    You can even play for FREE. 2

4)    Bonuses, promos and rewards 2

5)    Everything is SIMPLE and SAFE. 3

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5 great reasons why you must give Online Casinos a try

1)    Available and accessible whenever, wherever


First and foremost, now you can enjoy gaming from anywhere in the whole wide world, naturally as long as you have internet access and your mobile device with you. This means you can play your favorite

games in the comfort of your own bed or even during your lunch break at work.

Another great thing is that online games are always available.

You can play it first thing in the morning or it can be the last thing you do at night. I guarantee you that nothing gives you sweeter dreams than thinking how to spend that large sum of money you have just won.

There is no need to wait for someone or something, logging in and choosing a game only takes seconds, unlike minutes offline. You can spend saved time on more gaming, yay!


2)    Huge variety of games in one place

Online casinos have large selection of games within one casino. You probably will be able to find everything you want at just one place. SIMPLE, isn’t it?

You also need to think about game variations. You’ll find variations for some games offline – like you might find a specific blackjack variation somewhere in Las Vegas. But you can sign up to just about any online casino and have 7-10+ blackjack games to choose from almost instantly.



3)    You can even play for FREE


Most games online you can always play for free, and leisurely enjoy your free time gaming while eating some tasty food or even ‘watching’ a not-so-great movie.

You can play table games for as little as $1. Machines will cost as little as $.01. Machines are nearly the same offline, but table games will start at $3-$5, depending on where you’re playing.

So this means that you can invest a lot less money than you would offline, and still win big? It sounds great, doesn’t it?


4)    Bonuses, promos and rewards


Every single online casino on the internet offers a welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, to new customers opening an account. These come in the form of free chips to gamble with, and they represent a major advantage of playing online rather than playing in a land-based venue. It might seem too good to be true that you can get what is essentially free money, but the fact is that you really can.


Another thing to think about is promotions.

This is where online casinos shine.

It’s not that you won’t find promos offline. They just don’t compare to online promos.

For example, the deposit bonus. You can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars from an online casino when you sign up and deposit for the first time. We’ve never seen an offline casino do this.

Then you have reload bonuses. These are just like deposit bonuses, except they’re for existing customers.


On top of that, you have VIP programs where you can get cash back and sometimes get neat gifts. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?



5)    Everything is SIMPLE and SAFE


Starting out is pretty much straightforward even if you’re not particularly great with computers. Steps are really simple and easy to follow. It’s as easy as registering your Facebook account, so don’t worry and just go ahead and enjoy some online gambling.

Contrary to the common disbelief, online casinos are perfectly safe.

But if you are not sure about certain casino, you should always check out these 5 safeguards that should point you to a legit one:

  • Data Encryption
  • Random Number Generators
  • Privacy Policies
  • Gaming Licences
  • Casino Terms



Casino games

Which are the best casino games?

Playing at online casinos is a really big market these days and it is becoming more popular by the day. The reasons are probably many, such as the availability, the low cost, the fun, the thrill and the new features of super fast payments within 10 minutes on websites like snabbavinster. With just a couple of pounds you can get hours of enjoyment and to add on to it you can get bonuses and other offers from many sites. For example, gives you free spins, so that you can enjoy even more slot games. Slots are only one kind of game and there are many more available to players.


Roulette might actually be the king of casino games. This is the game we encounter in most films and books including visits to a casino. The croupier rolls a ball in a wheel full of numbers and the players must guess where the ball is going to stop. Obviously the result is totally random, so cross your fingers that Lady Luck is on your side!


Blackjack is a game between you and the dealer. The goal is to come as close as possible to the amount 21 with playing cards, but be aware not to bust! The one who busts loses instantly. To make the game a bit more exciting you can choose to double your wages, split your hand and more.


The best game of all might be slots, even though they were developed to entertain the wives of the playing men at casinos. Today all different kinds of players like to see the symbols roll on their screen. Thanks to wilds, scatters, bonus games, free spins, multipliers and much more there is never a boring second when playing slots. If you want to be the next casino millionaire you should choose one of the many slots including a progressive jackpot. Happy playing!

101 Hardware Guides For Newbie Gamers

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

What Gaming Components Are Essential For A Great Gaming Computer? Find Out!

If you are looking for some tips that will help you upgrade, buy, make or find the absolute perfection of a gaming computer, you have come to the right place. We bring you the comprehensive and simple guide for some amazing hardware. If you are looking for things that you need to know to play some great games, read this, as it is informative and useful for all gamers.


The first and the most important part is the CPU. You have to think about it early on because without it any game is doomed to fail on your computer or laptop. You need to choose the best processor for you regarding price and performance, which means you need to compare them. Also, make sure you have an idea of the kind of games that you want to play on this computer and think regarding the future games as well. You do not want to invest money and time into building a computer that will be completely useless in a year or so.

The Cooling

Computers need their cooling to work properly. Investing in a great cooling system might give you better performance. Make sure you have that in mind when assembling your computer. There are also many types of cooling to choose from, so this should also be one of the things that you will need some time to make the right decision on.

Clock Speed

It is perhaps the most important aspect for any computer, let alone for the gaming computer that you plan to assemble. The seller will try to get as much money as they can out of you, but for once this is the one thing that you need to invest in if you want to play quality games and have a quality computer.

Headphones And Microphones

If you plan to play a multiplayer with your friends, these two will be more than important. Make sure you get something of enough quality but do not splurge, as there are some very expensive headphones out there.

Essential Hardware Guides For Gamers And Their PCs

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

So, you want to buy a PC that will be a treat for your gaming adventures? Well, to do just that, there is a lot that you must do and learn to make sure that you do it properly. Getting the right hardware will help you achieve your goal, but to learn how you can do that read this article. Here we will give you some basic tips that will help you build an amazing gaming computer.

Vital Pieces And Accessories

When it comes to building a gaming computer, many would agree that there are vital pieces, such as your hardware components, graphics, mother boards, etc. and the extras such as mice and keyboard. Building a gaming computer is not a small deal, so investing in overall components is necessary. Your gaming experience will be ruined with awful graphics, just as much as it will be ruined with a slow mouse or lousy headphones. Investing in gaming is expensive, but if it is what you want, then it has to be so.

Upgrading Your Existing PC

Let’s say you already have a PC, but to do some serious gaming it needs to be upgraded. No problem, this can be easily done with some investments. But where should you invest first? First of all, we don’t know what kind of computer you have and what king of games you would play, but you do! Look at the specifications of the game or games that you would play on the said computer and see where improvements could be made.

Should I Get A Gaming Laptop?

Playing games on a laptop is certainly a good idea, especially if you are always on the go. However, there are still a few downsides to buying a gaming laptop. While they are affordable, it is also true that they are not transformable and you will not be able to upgrade them as easily as you would have the opportunity to do with your PC. Still, if you are on the budget or always on the go, this is a perfect solution, as there are some badass laptops out there to choose from.

5 Console Games That Will Turn Your Life Upside Down

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

The life of a gamer is fun. There is no denying. However, console games that come to us this year are astounding. If you have ever had the problem to pick the right one, now it is only worse. With such huge selection of amazing consoles to choose from, we are nothing less but thorn among all these amazing games. Here is which ones you need to pay attention to this year and get them now!

Injustice 2

Single player fans, do brace yourselves for one of the best consoles that you have ever seen! This game will not only appeal to those who are true comic fans, but also anyone with a knack for movies and games. This game gives you everything you have ever hoped for in a console game, and it is a worthy successor to Injustice 1. We get so much from this game that it is unbelievable how affordable the price is! Amazing!


Are you a fan of mayham games with a lot of shooting? This one is for you then! The amazing Overwatch gives us a chaos to enjoy a good shoot out. It is amazing in its graphics, very innovative and relaxing, but most of all quite affordable as well.

The Last Guardian

Absolute masterpiece! If you have been looking for a game which is flawless, then this is it! This game brings the innovation, amazing graphics, but most of all novelty to console players. There has never been a game that will adore and hate at the same time. Give it a try; you will see what we mean!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Brace yourselves Mass Effect fans; this amazing console game is packed with some amazing stuff.  First of all, the graphics are perfect, the story is amazing, and the action is incredible! Make sure you get it now, so you too can enjoy it.

Tekken 7

If you are looking for a familiar game which is perfect this one is the one for you. Tekken is as fun as it has ever been with some twists that fans will enjoy.

5 Best Console Games Right Now

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

We have picked the best console games for you that you can play right now. Certainly, the future holds many great console games to come, but at the moment these are the gems that you want to own. From Nintendo Switch to Valve’s Stem Machine, these are the games that you want to pay attention to.

The Legend OF Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Zelda games have recorded unimaginable popularity, but that being said, there is a reason why that is so. These amazing games have been popular with a legitimate reason for they are one of the best things we have experienced in the gaming world. Top that off with this latest console edition, and you will forever be a Zelda fan. This console is one of the most amazing open worlds, and the first open world Link finds himself in. If you want to give it a go, get it now!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Another amazing console fame is the latest Horizon game. You will love the mechanical animals that are an integral part of the story that is best known for its beauty and brilliance. The open world that one can only dream of, brought to your console is bound to make any gamer jumping with joy. If you want you can look for reviews of this game, but it does not get less than five stars!


Are you looking for a game that will make you whizz your pants with excitement? Well, this might just be it! This amazing game combines terror and tension to give you an amazing experience on your console that you will love. Those with a faint heart, please try something else.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario never disappoints. If you want to try some super-fun slides make sure you get this amazing console. It is absolutely the definition of a Mario Kart game, and it is awesome. Also, getting this game will keep you occupied for hours, so if you have some obligations make sure you have in mind that you will be skipping them to spend some quality time with your console.

Tips For Safe Gaming

By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

Being safe while online gaming is important, especially in this day and age. It is a known fact that many of the online gamers are children and being safe is even more important when the person playing online games is underage. If you are looking for some tips that will help you stay safe while playing online, this article is for you! Read this and find out more.

Find Out More About PEGI

If you want to see the type of content that is seen in the game, then you have to find out more about PEGI. This system has been devised so that you can see what kind of content there is in a game and the suitability of the game on an underage child. As a parent, you need to take care that your child plays only the games which are age-appropriate because as you know, there are many games out there which are not appropriate for children.


If your child is playing online games, it should be in a well-lit room. The dark setting is not appropriate as it can affect their eyesight and in most cases, it is much better for their health, both physical and mental, to have appropriate lighting in the room.


Playing for longer than 50 minutes at a time could be damaging to a child. The intense games should be played with regular breaks, so make sure you remind your child to take regular brakes.

Talk To Your Child

Talking to your child can have great positive effects on their understanding of the gaming environment. Explaining how it is different to their normal real-life social setting can benefit both your child and other players. Try to make sure that you communicate the message that the internet has both good and bad sides and that while playing online they will be playing with strangers. Also, make sure your child understands the dangers of playing online and takes them seriously. If it is possible at all, supervise your child while playing online and make sure they are safe at all times.

Why Choose Online Gaming?

By Matt Lignan / September 19, 2017

The world of gaming is vast and amazing, but from all varieties of gaming online gaming seems to be the most popular. What is it about the online games that makes it so appealing to gamers and why do they choose to devote their time to this particular type of gaming, let’s find out!

Online Gaming Is Like Socializing Over The Thing You Are Passionate About

Let’s say you are a passionate player of one specific game. This is a great way to meet new people! People who like what you like and seem to have the same idea of fun. Online games are not just games; they are entire communities of people who come into contact and have fun the best way for them. Also, it is immensely fun to play online and still socialize.

Playing With Friends

Your friends might be sitting back in their homes and still be there for you, how you may ask? Well with online gaming of course. This type of gaming truly allows you to do something fun with your friends but from the comfort of your room and home. The same goes for them. Of course, the only prerequisite is to have a good enough internet connection, and you will bond in amazing ways with your friends as never before.

The Intensity Of Live Game

The gaming intensifies once you realize that you cannot pause, erase mistakes and play certain missions. It makes all the difference. This way of playing allows no mistakes, but it also intensifies the gaming process and your actions. It is one of the most thrilling experiences that you will have a gamer, so make sure you do not miss out on it.

Immersing Yourself In Gaming

True gamers enjoy all types of games. Whether it is a game on your phone, PC, console or any other type of game they will find it fun. Immersing yourself in the gaming world means trying out all sorts of games, so make sure you try online gaming as well.

Best (And Worst) Assassin’s Creed Sequels

By Matt Lignan / September 19, 2017

If we talk about the franchise called the Assassin’s Creed, there is very little to say, apart from that being one of the best games ever. One the other hand, the franchise has been very productive and among all fifteen (that’s right, amazing) sequels there have been those that we love more and those that even the creators should not be proud of. Make sure you remember that everyone will have their own opinion and favorite, so this is just a suggestion of what we think to be the best and the worst Assassin’s Creed sequel.

Would You Like The Bad News First?

When you ask people this, they usually like to get the bad news first, so that the cheerful news can bring some joy to them. Okay, so the bad news is that there are so many Assassin’s Creed sequels, that it is bound that at least one of them sucks completely. However, even when that is the case, we cannot help but feel for the creators that have provided us with some amazing sequels we love and cherish. It is not a critique of any kind, but if we had to pick out the absolute worst, this is the one: Assassin’s Creed – Unity.

What Is Wrong With It?

After so many amazing sequels, you would have thought that the creators will make something even more amazing. Unfortunately, it seems like they had a definite deadline or were pushed for results and money when they published this sequel which is filled with bugs so much that it cannot be played properly. Controls are an absolute nightmare, the story is generic and bland, and the adventures seem like a complete bore.

The Absolute Best

If there has ever been a more enticing and interesting game than Assassin’s Creed II, then the world has never seen it so far. When this game came out in 2009, it was an absolute gem and a true treat for any gamer. The game is renowned for its amazing open world, but top that off with some great stories and quests, and you will see why Assassin’s Creed II is our absolute favorite Assassin’s Creed sequel.

Best Games Of All Times!

By Matt Lignan / September 19, 2017

There are many, many games out there. The situations nowadays cannot even begin to compare with the situation couple of years, not to mention, a couple of decades ago. Nowadays there is a mass production of games, but just a few have managed to land on our list. Read this list and find out what the best games of all times are.

Half-Life (2004)

One of the best games, if not the best game of all times is Half-Life. For a true Sci-Fi fan and a true gamer, it is something they are familiar with. Even though this game is from a while ago, it still worms many hearts and keeps many gamers happy. The incredible storyline is one of the reasons why we love Half-Life and will continue to love it forever.

Grand Theft Auto V (2015)

If you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto, you have probably been living under a rock. The legendary game is one of the best games for any true gamer out there, as it combines the excitement, amazing music, and great storyline. This game is one of the best games for any gamer to play and is bound to keep you occupied for hours.

BioShock (2007)

Another amazing game that has made it our list is the incredible BioShock. This game is for true gamers the epitome of a great game. BioShock is one game that you must not miss out on playing and the game that gamers regularly go back to. Even though it was released ten years ago, it will always have a special place in our games and our consoles and PCs.

Assassin’s Creed – II (2009)

One of the best open world games and gems is the Assassin’s Creed game that we know and love. Even though there are many sequels and everyone is bound to have their favorite, II stands out with its amazing storyline, graphics, and incredible tasks. This game will forever be one of the greatest games ever.

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