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By Matt Lignan / September 20, 2017

Being safe while online gaming is important, especially in this day and age. It is a known fact that many of the online gamers are children and being safe is even more important when the person playing online games is underage. If you are looking for some tips that will help you stay safe while playing online, this article is for you! Read this and find out more.

Find Out More About PEGI

If you want to see the type of content that is seen in the game, then you have to find out more about PEGI. This system has been devised so that you can see what kind of content there is in a game and the suitability of the game on an underage child. As a parent, you need to take care that your child plays only the games which are age-appropriate because as you know, there are many games out there which are not appropriate for children.


If your child is playing online games, it should be in a well-lit room. The dark setting is not appropriate as it can affect their eyesight and in most cases, it is much better for their health, both physical and mental, to have appropriate lighting in the room.


Playing for longer than 50 minutes at a time could be damaging to a child. The intense games should be played with regular breaks, so make sure you remind your child to take regular brakes.

Talk To Your Child

Talking to your child can have great positive effects on their understanding of the gaming environment. Explaining how it is different to their normal real-life social setting can benefit both your child and other players. Try to make sure that you communicate the message that the internet has both good and bad sides and that while playing online they will be playing with strangers. Also, make sure your child understands the dangers of playing online and takes them seriously. If it is possible at all, supervise your child while playing online and make sure they are safe at all times.

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